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Affordable Ecommerce SEO Services in Kenya to grow your product sales

Affordable Ecommerce SEO in Kenya

Ecommerce SEO involves optimizing an online store’s website and product pages to enhance visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). The aim is to drive more organic traffic, leading to increased sales and revenue.

Key techniques used in eCommerce SEO include keyword research and optimization, on-page optimization of product descriptions and metadata, technical optimization of website structure and navigation, content marketing, and link building to attract backlinks and improve domain authority. Additionally, local SEO strategies target customers in specific geographic areas, maximizing the store’s reach and impact.

Ecommerce SEO Agency that Grow your Product Sales

Our top-notch Ecommerce SEO services cater to online shops and stores utilizing platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify. Our customized packages are designed to optimize your website and product pages, boosting visibility and attracting organic traffic. Partner with us to elevate your e-commerce business to new heights of success.

Ecommerce SEO Statistics

Mobile devices contribute to more than 50% of global website traffic, highlighting their immense significance. Additionally, a substantial 62% of mobile users have made online purchases using their devices in the past six months (source: outerboxdesign).

Ecommerce websites that incorporate a blog generate a remarkable 434% more indexed pages on search engines compared to those without a blog (source: techclient).

A substantial majority of over 70% of clicks on Google search results are directed towards organic results, rather than paid advertisements (source: zerolimitedweb).

Link building plays a vital role in Ecommerce SEO, as websites that acquire backlinks from high authority domains have an impressive 99.2% likelihood of ranking on the first page of Google (source: backlinko).

According to Ahrefs, approximately 91% of web pages do not receive any traffic from Google. This staggering statistic highlights the importance of implementing effective SEO strategies to improve website visibility and attract organic traffic.

Nearly 91% of pages receive no traffic from Google (Ahrefs)

Ecommerce SEO Services in Kenya Key Areas

Our Ecommerce SEO services encompass six crucial areas that can greatly impact your organic search rankings. We begin by conducting in-depth keyword research to identify valuable search terms relevant to your local market. Our expert team then utilizes proven SEO techniques to optimize your website comprehensively, including on-site optimization, link building, and technical SEO.

We provide detailed monthly reports that offer transparent insights into your website’s progress and the results achieved through our efforts. Our ultimate aim is to elevate your business’s visibility on Google search pages and establish dominance in the local market, driving targeted traffic and enhancing your online presence. Count on us to deliver exceptional local SEO services that will make a significant difference for your business.

Keyword Research

Thorough keyword research is vital for SEO success. Our SEO tools empower us to identify valuable search terms, considering factors like intent, volume, and competition. Maximize your keyword targeting with our expertise.

Link Building

Link building is vital for SEO. We use a personalized method, crafting top-notch, relevant content featured on reputable sites via manual blogger outreach. This approach secures high-quality links, yielding tangible outcomes for your website.

On-Site Optimisation

Our experts optimize your entire website, from page titles, headings, images, and content to product descriptions and site navigation. This comprehensive approach enhances user experience and search engine visibility, boosting rankings and driving increased traffic to your site.

Competitor Analysis

Gaining knowledge about your competitors' rankings, content quality, and website authority is valuable for enhancing your SEO strategy. Our thorough competitor analysis empowers you to develop a robust SEO plan that positions you to excel in organic search results.

Technical SEO

From technical audits to fixing and optimizing for search engine crawlers, our team handles the technical aspects of your website's SEO. This guarantees that your site is in optimal condition and fully optimized for maximum visibility in search engines.

Detailed Reporting

We value transparent and easily comprehensible progress documentation. Hence, our monthly reports consolidate all aspects of your website's SEO into a reader-friendly format. This enables you to track the progress we're making and observe the results we're attaining.

Customized SEO Plan to Boost Ecommerce Product Sales

Our eCommerce SEO agency recognizes the uniqueness of every online store and provides tailored SEO strategies. Our experienced team offers comprehensive solutions, including keyword research, content optimization, and detailed reporting.

We excel in boosting your website and product rankings in organic search results. With our proven techniques, we have assisted numerous businesses in expanding their online presence since 2014. Trust our eCommerce SEO agency for customized and effective strategies that will enhance the visibility and sales of your online store.

Free SEO Audit

If you’re uncertain about how to start with SEO, what you need, or how much to invest, our knowledgeable eCommerce SEO consultants are here to assist you. We provide a free and thorough SEO audit that will help you identify your website’s strengths and areas that need improvement. This audit will provide valuable insights to guide your SEO strategy and ensure optimal results for your online store.

Comprehensive Reports

Transparent Ecommerce SEO Reporting for Your Peace of Mind

Transparency is at the core of our eCommerce SEO agency. Our dedicated team of eCommerce SEO specialists ensures that you receive detailed monthly reports, keeping you informed about your website’s progress. These comprehensive reports encompass essential performance indicators like traffic, backlinks, and organic search rankings. With our transparent reporting, you can stay up-to-date with the progress of your website and have confidence that our eCommerce SEO services are delivering optimal results for your business.

Ecommerce SEO Packages

Here are our pricing and plans for eCommerce SEO agency services.

We offer simple and transparent plans with no contractual obligations

Our cost-effective eCommerce SEO packages are designed to boost the visibility of your online store on search engines. Tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises, these sought-after packages enhance website and product sales online. By implementing effective optimization tactics, your merchandise can independently rank higher on search engine results pages.

Our SEO packages encompass a wide range of services aimed at elevating your organic search rankings and driving more targeted traffic to your eCommerce website.

Ecommerce SEO Packages in Kenya

Here are all the search engine ranking optimization packages containing cost of each SEO Service providing to rank your website on google

Starter Package

Ideal for Service-Based Portfolio websites
  • Up to 20 high-traffic Keyphrases
  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research & Selection
  • Competition Analysis & Monitoring
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Local SEO (If local)
  • Content Writing
  • Creation of Sitemap.XML
  • Header Tags Optimized
  • Meta Tags Optimized
  • Analytics & Conversion Tracking
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Link Building & Tracking
  • Monthly SEO reporting
  • Dedicated Account Support

Super Package

Ideal for Service-Based multipage websites.
  • Up to 30 high-traffic Keyphrases
  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research & Selection
  • Competition Analysis & Monitoring
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Local SEO (If local)
  • Content Writing
  • Creation of Sitemap.XML
  • Header Tags Optimized
  • Meta Tags Optimized
  • Analytics & Conversion Tracking
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Link Building & Tracking
  • Monthly SEO reporting
  • Dedicated Account Support

Pro Package

Ideal for Ecommerce Business
  • Up to45 high-traffic Keyphrases
  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research & Selection
  • Competition Analysis & Monitoring
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Local SEO (If local)
  • Content Writing
  • Creation of Sitemap.XML
  • Header Tags Optimized
  • Meta Tags Optimized
  • Analytics & Conversion Tracking
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Link Building & Tracking
  • Monthly SEO reporting
  • Dedicated Account Support

SEO For Ecommerce Factors

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves two primary areas: on-page and off-page optimization. Our all-inclusive SEO packages cover both aspects, ensuring your website is fully optimized to rank for your desired keywords and search terms. Our professional SEO services focus on the following key factors in each area:

On-Page SEO

Keywords Research

Balancing keyword usage is vital for effective SEO writing; avoid overusing search terms while ensuring they are present in website content.

SEO Content

Craft website content for users and search engines, prioritizing relevant, informative, and easy-to-understand information to improve search result rankings.

Internal Links

Internal links aid both users and search engines by facilitating website navigation and enhancing comprehension of content structure and context.


Images enhance user experience and aid search engines in assessing keyword relevance, making them valuable for both usability and SEO purposes.

Title & Meta Tags

Well-written and optimized title and meta tags summarize page content and appear in search results, enhancing website visibility and ranking potential.

Mobile Friendly

Create websites that prioritize user-friendliness, visual appeal, and fast loading times. Employ responsive designs that function seamlessly across all devices for optimal usability.

Off-Page SEO

Backlink Review

Regularly reviewing a website's backlinks helps identify harmful links that may harm its ranking. In such cases, disavowing those links with Google is crucial.

Directory Listing

Listing your business in reputable directories enhances visibility, reputation, and offers valuable backlinks, thereby improving overall online presence.

Creating Content

Producing relevant, top-notch content for reputable blogs boosts exposure and generates valuable backlinks to your website, driving growth and visibility.

Blogger Outreach

Engaging influential bloggers for content placement on their websites amplifies visibility and drives website traffic, fueling growth and exposure.

Anchor Link

By placing well-crafted content with a link back to your website on a relevant, high-quality site, you can enhance its ranking and visibility.

Social Media

Complete social media profiles and include relevant website links to enhance visibility and drive traffic to your site, boosting online presence.


Most frequent questions and answers


Ecommerce SEO refers to the practice of enhancing an online store’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) to increase targeted traffic and attract potential customers who are more likely to make purchases.


Ecommerce SEO holds significance as it enables online stores to attract relevant traffic, enhance visibility, and drive sales. By implementing effective SEO strategies, online businesses can gain a competitive edge, effectively reach their target audience, and achieve their sales objectives.


Several common challenges in ecommerce SEO include duplicate content, site speed issues, inadequate product descriptions, weak internal linking structure, and subpar mobile optimization. These issues can adversely affect search engine rankings and impede the growth of organic traffic.


At Royal Graphics Solution, our ecommerce website SEO services range from Ksh. 20,000 to Ksh. 40,000 per quarter. The pricing of our customized ecommerce SEO services is determined by the unique requirements and goals of the business, with costs potentially reaching up to Kshs 200,000, particularly for businesses with a wide range of products.


The timeframe for observing results from ecommerce SEO can vary based on multiple factors, including industry competition, the effectiveness of your SEO strategies, and the maturity and authority of your website. Typically, it takes several months to witness substantial outcomes. However, through consistent effort and continuous optimization, sustainable growth in organic traffic and sales can be achieved.


Enlisting the services of an ecommerce SEO agency can be a prudent investment for businesses seeking to enhance their online visibility and generate targeted traffic. A seasoned agency can offer tailored strategies, technical proficiency, and continuous support to aid in accomplishing your SEO objectives and maintaining a competitive edge. Nevertheless, it is crucial to select a reputable agency with a demonstrated history of success and transparent communication.

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